Torsion Springs


Manufacturers of torsion springs in Australia

Torsion springs are used in many commercial and domestic applications, where instead of offering resistance to a lineal directional force being applied along the helix, they offer resistance to a rotationally applied force.

Common examples of appliances that use torsion springs include:

Garage doors
CD players
Digital cameras
Clip boards
Clothes pegs
Retractable seating

What is a torsion springs?

Torsion springs are a helical or spiral coil that store energy when twisted. Once twisted, resistance is applied in the direction of the wind (either left or right). This force twists the coils tighter, in turn reducing the spring diameter and making the body longer.

Torsion springs can be designed in various sizes, materials, and thickness to suit any application.

Torsion springs are used in any type of application where a hinge or a join is subjected to a rotational force.

Custom made torsion springs in Australia

At Jubilee Springs we manufacture an extensive range of torsion springs. We are also leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of custom made torsion springs in Australia.

We can design and manufacture torsion springs to your specifications, in any quantity and in a variety of materials. We ship both nationally and internationally to our clients.

Stainless steel and a variety of other materials are available.
Springs can be wound either left- hand or right- hand helix.
All torsion springs are supplied in a natural finish unless otherwise stated.

A variety of decorative and protective finishes are available on request.