Compression Springs


Manufacturer of compression springs in Australia

Compression springs are required in a variety of applications, ranging from industrial, commercial and domestic devices. For example, all of the following devices require some form of compression spring.

green springs
Mobile phones
Sensitive medical instruments
Automotive engines
Lawn mowers
Shock absorbers
Earthquake resistant foundations
Ballpoint pens

What are compression springs?

Compression springs are open helical coils, used in devices where resistance is needed between two surfaces with the strength of the compression along the axis of the helix.

The strength and durability of a compression spring comes from its dimensions and the type and quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process. The most common type of compression springs in Australia are those with the same diameter for the entire length of the coil and are called straight coil springs. Other types include conical, barrel or hourglass compression springs.
Round wire is most commonly used for compression springs, although, square, rectangular and special section wire is sometimes required for custom jobs.

Custom made compression springs in Australia

At Jubilee Springs we manufacture an extensive range of springs. We are also leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of custom-made springs in Australia.

We can design and manufacture compression springs to your specifications, in any quantity and in a variety of materials. We ship both nationally and internationally to our clients.

Stainless steel and a variety of other materials are available.
Springs can be wound either left- hand or right- hand helix.
All compression springs are supplied in a natural finish unless otherwise stated.
A variety of decorative and protective finishes are available on request.
Compression spring ends can be open, closed, or closed and ground square.
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