Tension Springs


Manufacturers of tension springs in Australia

Tension springs, also known, as extension springs, are required in a variety of applications, ranging from industrial, commercial and domestic devices. For example, all of the following devices require some form of tension spring:
Washing machines
Garage doors
Vice-grip pliers
Farm machinery
Brake springs
Door levers
Screen doors
Motor cycle stands
Medical equipment
Exercise equipment

What are tension springs?

Tension springs are designed to stretch for a specific length, when a specific force is applied to them.

This type of spring is a helical coil and is designed to do the opposite of compression springs. This means that when a pulling force is applied to the spring, they extend rather than compress. Usually they are attached at both ends to two different components and when these components move apart, the tension on the spring tries to bring them back together again.

A variety of end types are available including looped, swivel or fitted ends to suit application attachment.

Custom made tension springs in Australia

At Jubilee Springs we manufacture an extensive range of tension springs. We are also leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of custom-made tension springs in Australia.

We can design and manufacture tension springs to your specifications, in any quantity and in a variety of materials. We ship both nationally and internationally to our clients.

Stainless steel and a variety of other materials are available.
All tension springs are supplied in a natural finish unless otherwise stated.
A variety of decorative and protective finishes are available on request.