Specialist suppliers of wire form springs in Australia"

Wire Form/Strip Form Springs Australia: Custom Made Flat Spring/Wire/Strip Small Spring Suppliers

Jubilee Springs are the leading wire spring suppliers in Australia, providing an extensive range of both stock and made-to-order wire springs.

Wire spring applications

The applications of wire forms are endless and are only limited by our imagination. They come in a large variety of shapes and sizes and provide solutions for millions of different applications. Some of the uses of wire forms include:

  • Spring clamps
  • Spring clips
  • Electric resistant units
  • Load supporting links
  • Headsets
  • Computer brace components
  • Brace pins
  • Automotive industry
  • Agricultural industry

The list of uses of wire forms can just go on and on, but the point is that fabricating wire forms is a specialised operation requiring unique design skills and engineering. Jubilee Springs are the leading suppliers of wire form springs in Australia and we design and supply wire forms to your exact specifications.

What are wire forms?

When you think of a spring, you usually imagine a helical or spiral shape. Wire forms do not have coils or springs as such, but are essentially a length of wire that is bent into specific shapes and angles. They are generally made from round wire with the most common fabrication materials being cold rolled steel, hard drawn wire, stainless steel, music wire also a vast range of exotic materials.

  • Flat spring wire forms and Clips
  • Custom made wire forms to specifications
  • Design wire forms for applications
  • Flat metal strip forms and shapes

Leading wire spring suppliers in Australia

At Jubilee Springs we take your ideas and your draft designs from the early stages, right through to the finished product. Our engineers are so experienced and skilled that they can take your drawings and specifications and design your wire form springs with the utmost precision.
We not only design and manufacture custom made wire forms, but we also have an extensive range of commonly required items in stock. Whatever your needs, we can design, manufacture and supply a high quality solution that does the job perfectly.

  • A whole range of wire forms available.
  • We design, manufacture and supply custom made wire forms.
  • Orders are shipped both nationally and internationally.

We design, manufacture and supply custom made wire forms to all industries.

For more information on our stock, wire form, strip form springs or custom made springs design in Australia, call us (Spring manufacturers/industrial springs suppliers Australia) on +612 4389 1411, email us at websales@jubilee-springs.com.au or complete our online enquiry form.