Jubilee Springs are leading manufacturers of a vast range of spring types in Australia

Wave/Die/Clock/Hot Coil/Trace & Constant Force Springs Australia: Belleville Washers

Jubilee Springs are leading designers and manufactures of wire and steel springs in Australia. Whatever your needs, we can design and fabricate any type of spring to your exact specifications and ship them anywhere in Australia or overseas.

We Manufacture, supply and stock a range custom made wave springs, die springs, constant force springs, clock springs, hot coil springs, tapered springs, horse float springs, volute springs, trace springs and Belleville washers.

  • Wave springs and washers
  • Die springs
  • Constant force springs
  • Clock Springs
  • Hot coil springs
  • Trace springs
  • Belleville washers
  • Flat sheet or strip material leaf springs and shapes formed or pressed
  • Tapered springs
  • Volute springs
  • Horse float springs
  • Develop products for specific applications

Wave Springs

These can be used to replace coil springs in space critical environments, because they fit into tighter spaces and reduce the spring height by up to 50%. They operate as load bearing devices and are used in clutches, valves, pumps, seals and medical equipment – anywhere where space is severely limited.

Die Springs

These are heavy duty metal compression springs, fabricated using round wire and are used in heavy stress areas with large load requirements. They are used in brakes, clutches, farm machinery, aircraft mechanisms and other applications where resistance to heavy shock loads is required.

Constant Force Springs

Constant force springs are rolls of strip metal which have been tightly wound. They are used in a large variety of applications including, counterbalancing in aircraft cargo doors, computer monitors, articulated arms and draw closing mechanisms.


Hot Coil Springs

Hot coils are fabricated from alloy steel using very high temperatures. They are used in high temperature or corrosive environments or in high load bearing situations. Examples include the agricultural and transportation industries, as well as in construction equipment.

Trace Springs

These are designed to provide a constant tension on guy ropes and tarpaulins and are a specialised product. We have an extensive range of stock trace springs and can also design these springs to your specifications.

Belleville Washers

These are a conical disc washer, manufactured from steel strip and best used in high load bearing, but static applications. They are used in fishing reels, in airplanes to reduce vibrations, in high performance race cars and in paintball guns and airguns.

We design, manufacture and supply all types of spring parts and components.

For more information on our stock die springs or custom made springs design in Australia, call us (Spring manufacturers/industrial springs suppliers Australia) on +612 4389 1411, email us at websales@jubilee-springs.com.au or complete our online enquiry form.