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Specialised Springs

Jubilee Springs are leading manufacturers of a vast range of spring types in Australia

Jubilee Springs are leading designers and manufactures of wire and steel springs in Australia. Whatever your needs, we can design and fabricate any type of spring to your exact specifications and ship them anywhere in Australia or overseas.

We manufacture and supply the following specialised spring types:

Horse Float Springs

Also known as tailgate springs. Horse float springs are commonly used for horse floats, ramps and trailers to assist with the ease of lowering the rear trailer door. Jubilee Springs manufacture and supply a range of horse float springs ranging from 12mm – 19mm wire diameter. We can design and custom make to any specifications required.

Conical Springs

Also known as tapered springs. These springs are cone shaped to provide significantly more travel than traditional compression springs by lowering the solid height. The improved solid height is achieved by nesting the active coils within each other during compression. Conical springs are commonly used in electrical contacts.

Garter Springs

Garter Springs are essentially an extension spring with the ends connected to form a circle. They are commonly used in oil seals. Compression garter springs exert outward radial forces, while extension garter springs exert inward radial forces. Garter springs are supplied assembled with the ends already interlocked.

Clock Springs

Jubilee Springs manufacture clock springs in a whole variety of shapes and sizes specific to the application they are to be used in. The key points to consider are the distance of travel, along with the strength required. Clock springs are commonly made to fit in a housing, which determines the end form and the centre form.

Double Torsion Springs

A double torsion spring consists of two sets of coils, one right-hand wound and one left-hand wound.
The two sets of coils are bridged in the middle and the force of each coil is combined to calculate the total torque. Double torsion springs are usually designed to be symmetrical.

Flat Wire Forms

Shaped wire products are unique in that we can provide numerous shapes and custom profiles that may or may not be symmetrical. Shaped wire is rolled from round wire through a series of rolling and annealing operations. Common applications include cotter pins, door locks and a vast amount of locking mechanisms.

Trace Springs

Also known as drawbar springs. In a trace spring, the load is applied to the ends of the loops that pass through the spring center and are hooked around the opposite end, thus compressing the spring upon loading. We can design trace springs for your application or make to customer specifications.

Antenna Springs

Antenna springs can also be known as barrel springs because of the distinctive bulge in the centre coils. Antenna springs are installed between the mount and the antenna to help keep your antenna flexible in a collision. Jubilee Springs can design and manufacture antenna springs to customer specifications.

Safety Pins

Jubilee’s safety pin fasteners are positive locking pins that include a spring and a closed clasp. Safety pins are primarily to secure hitch pins and gates. These safety pins can also replace hairpin clips and cotter pins. We can design safety pins for your application or manufacture to customer specifications.

Jubilee Springs Australian Made


Custom made specialised springs in Australia

At Jubilee Springs we manufacture an extensive range of specialised springs. We are also leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of custom-made specialised springs in Australia.

We design, manufacture and supply custom made specialised springs to all industries.

For more information on our custom made other springs or spring design in Australia, call us on 02 4389 1411, email us at websales@jubilee-springs.com.au or complete our online enquiry form.